My mom lives in assisted living in Danville CA. She is 89 years old and fell and broke her hip. After a tough surgery, she was ready for PT. The therapist her insurance provided could not get her up and walking. He told me she was basically bedridden and I should give up. My mom was very depressed and miserable. There were days she just didn't want to live. Then came Nader.... he not only got her up and out of bed, but he had her walking 200 feet after just a few weeks of therapy. He is amazing! He would not let her give up and he was right! Her mood improved 100%. She was happy again, and laughing. She looked forward to visits and got her old fighting spirit back! He was able to tailor her therapy to her mood that day. When she didn't want to work, he played music she loves and had her dancing, or playing volleyball with a balloon. He is AMAZING! I will be forever grateful to Nader for not letting either of us give up. My mom now has her life back thanks to Nader!

- Debbie 


I started my sessions with Nader because I hurt my shoulder playing water polo. I have been seeing him for 6 months and because of him my core, my arms, and my legs are all stronger. Six months later, my shoulder feels much better than when we first started. Not only does he develop workouts specifically designed for his clients, but he also gets to know you personally. I have enjoyed his company during our sessions because he motivates me to work harder. Also, he helped me deal with my injury not just physically but mentally as well. During our sessions we’d talk about my goals and how to reach them. He helped me learn how to play with pain. I would highly recommend Nader because he is a good person, he works hard, makes me work hard, and he really cares and wants to get each of his patients back to 100%.



Dr. Amer is an excellent PT who took the time to understand my injury and help me create a plan for health that fit my goals. As a former college athlete, I am truly discerning about those I work with around my back injury. Dr. Amer understood that finding my way back to functional fitness was end goal, just not being pain free. I appreciate that he knows his stuff and actually cares about the whole person he's treating. He is personable and knowledgeable, and I enjoyed learning the "why" behind his treatment methods. I highly recommend Dr. Amer to anyone looking for a seriously dedicated PT. 

- Whitney 


Nader was quick to respond and easy to schedule. The fact that he comes to you on your schedule is easy and convenient. He helped me recover from a severe Achilles sprain to return to playing ultimate frisbee, and I went back to him when I suffered severe low back pain. He assisted my recovery from both injuries by focusing on the whole body which may have prevented further injuries, too. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a passionate, high quality physical therapist.


I wanna really thank you for your professionalism and first-class treatment! It’s been an extremely painful and emotional two years for me, and it’s difficult to find healthcare professionals that understand what’s going on.


- Dave