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Seclusion Illusion

Seems like we all have an unusual amount of time on our hands. All gyms/ffitness centers have shut down and most of our social lives. #socialdistancing I am taking this time to nurse all my minor nagging injuries back to health. On top of the nagging injury list is my left calf. Self-diagnosis of left soleous strain. It is a recurrent problem when increasing running mileage per week by sudden inspiration from David Goggins (look him up....intense). I currently cannot run on it without re-aggregating it and cannot swim because of staying quarantined. To get cardio and slow prep for running I am doing polymetrics and strength straining.

50 regular crunches

10 regular push-ups

50 table-top crunches

10 close-hand push-ups

50 straight-leg crunches

10 wide-hand push-ups

25 knees to right crunches

25 knees to left crunches

20 regular push-ups

2x15 side-lying hip abduction

15 regular pushups

30"(sec) superman hold

2x15 side-lying hip abduction

15 wide-hand push-ups

30" superman hold

2x20 side-lying hip abduction

20 wide-hand push-ups

5x20- fast toe taps on 6-in step

10x20 stairs- up/down All at warm-up pace

10x20 stairs- up/down 5 rounds at warm-up pace 5 rounds sprint up/walk down

10x20 stairs- 5 rounds double up/single down 5 rounds sprint double up/single down

10x20 stairs- ALL sprint double up/single down

5x20 heel raises

Round 1: Bilateral

Round 2: Up bilateral/down left

Round 3: Up bilateral/down right

Round 4: Bilateral

Round 5: Up bilateral/down left

3x20 Lunges with 50 mountain climbers in between sets.

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