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Week 2 Training for Pac Master Swim Championship

Rough week of training. This is the first week since graduating in '09 that I swam more than four times a week. How many days did I swim? 6, Monday through Saturday. The yardage was between 3,000-3,500 yards per practice which is around 2 miles. This weeks focus was on pacing the 200 yard butterfly. Alot of 75s repeat at race pace trying to keep them under 43 seconds. It was rough training and seeing patients, but of course patient care comes first! I would adapt and adjust patient workouts/treatment sessions with their needs and my needs because both our safety is important. Since my training has increased with swimming and lifting I have a couple of ailments pop up. My main complaints are:

Left anterior shoulder pain

Left posterior lumbar pain

To treat these ailments I can only blame myself because of sudden increase in training intensity and increase of yardage that I swim butterfly. These ailments will not limit me from continuing to train or compete at this time but it is important to address them. Below I am going to list what I have added to my workout routines to address them.

Left Anterior Shoulder:

What i am experiencing presents as some anterior capsule instability and Pectoralis Major and Minor tightness. A common issue with most swimmers, water polo players, and synchronized swimmers. Even though I have throughout continued to do rotator cuff exercises, all planes deltoid presses, and chest stretches this issue always presents itself. To address this issue I have added these exercises to workout routine in the gym three times a week:

Upright rows

Face Pulls

Standing Scaption

Elbow pushups

Corner stretch(Daily and to be honest whenever I can)

Left Posterior Lumbar Pain:

To be hones this is my fault and it's because I have been lazy with my core exercises recently (like 2 months). I do not feel the pain when I swim but walking around and resting on the wall between sets I do. From my self diagnosis I felt its decreased left Multifidus muscles and Erector spinae muscles. I cannot do a full assessment on myself, but will ask a close PT friend to assess me in the future (hopefully). To address this issue I have added:

Planks- Low planks, R/L, and bananas boats

Lumbar Hyper-extension

Quadruped with opposite arm/leg


Feel free to email me at Dr.naderamer@gmail.com if you have any questions!

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